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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Life in Almaden Valley

January 24th, 1848 witnessed a milestone in American history. It was on this day that James Sutter discovered gold in California, leading to the infamous California Gold Rush. One particularly important neighbourhood in the events that led to the influx of people from other parts of the country was Almaden Valley. Located near Los Gatos, and Santa Teresa, Almaden Valley had a number of mercury deposits and mines, which were important in the mining of gold, and have since been closed down and been converted to the Almaden Quicksilver County Park.

The area is a posh locality of San Jose, whose residents mainly consist of Silicon Valley executives, doctors, engineers and other professionals. Some Landmarks in Almaden Valley are Lake Almaden, Almaden Quicksilver County Park, and Calero Dam and Reservoir.
Almaden Valley is the best place to live life the California way. With its pleasant climate and delightful wineries and golf courses, it’s no wonder that Almaden Valley real estate properties are selling like hot cakes. In fact, most single-family houses start at prices around $1-million though homes are available for sale at prices in the 6-figure bracket.

Interested in acquiring Almaden Valley homes for sale?
Dale Warfel is your realtor. He has over a decade of experience working with Keller Williams Realty in the California real estate sector. He specialises in homes for sale in Monte Sereno,
Morgan Hill, Cambrian Park, Willow Glen, Rose Garden, Midtown, San Jose, and Silicon Valley. So call him at 408 624 6202 to make an appointment.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Living in the valley

The Silicon Valley, so named because of its flourishing semiconductor industry, is located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Once fondly nicknamed the Valley of Heart’s Delights, because of the sprawling orchards that encompassed the Santa Clara Valley and other neighbourhoods, the area has now come to be synonymous with the dot-com boom that America experienced in the 20th century.

The term “Silicon” refers to the computer chip industry among other high tech industries, while “Valley” comes from the Santa Clara Valley in which most of the industries are based. The 20th century has seen an immense
growth in real estate throughout America, more so in the Silicon Valley, due to the presence of high technology companies that require office and showroom space. However, fears of a U.S. recession have pulled the prices down, and the time is ripe to enter the real estate sector.

Investing in Silicon Valley real estate properties is a lucrative option, and Dale Warfel is the
best real estate advisor when it comes to the Santa Clara Valley. Ten years of working with Keller Williams Realty has taught him the nitty-grittys of the trade, and his technical knowledge and communication skills are remarkable. Dale has expertise in homes for sale in Almaden Valley, Coyote, Monte Sereno, Rose Garden, Midtown, Cambrian Park, Los Gatos, Campbell, and Morgan Hill, among other cities and neighbourhoods of California. So call him at 408 624 6202 to make an appointment.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A great place to settle down in

San Jose is the tenth largest city in America and also the hub of activity in the Silicon Valley. However, in the race to keep up with the leading cities of the world in terms of growth and development, the quiet city has not compromised on the beauty and serenity for which it is so famed. San Jose is dotted with enchanting parks and boulevards, but perhaps the most green and beautiful locality is Rose Garden, built around the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden.

The San Jose Municipal Rose Garden is situated in 5.5 acres of what was once a beautiful prune orchard, and is now dedicated to roses. Today, the garden boasts of over 4,000 species of rose shrubs and 189 varieties, including hybrids. Tourists and visitors frequent the world-renowned garden throughout the year, although May is the season in which the roses are at their best, in terms of both fragrance and beauty. What is more is that the San Jose authorities even permit weddings to be held in these delightful parks, so long as certain rules and regulations regarding the cleanliness of the area are adhered to.
San Jose is a great place to live in. Dogs are not allowed in such parks, but dog-lovers should have no reason to protest, as the city offers many specialized dog parks which have facilities specific to their doggy needs.

All in all, San Jose, and especially Rose Garden, is a very pleasant place to live, and it is no wonder that the real estate prices in California are rather high. However, never fear,
Dale Warfel is here to guide you through the entire process should you wish to purchase homes in San Jose. As a consultant for Keller Williams Realty for over 10 years, he has gained experience in sale of homes in Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Cambrian Park, Midtown, and Almaden Valley. So call him at 408 624 6202 to make an appointment.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The ultimate investment

With the US heading into a recession, and the stock markets already reacting adversely to this, it is no wonder that most investors are turning to real estate to park their money for a while. The advantages of investing in real estate are many, so much so, that it is often regarded as the “ultimate investment”. One of the most useful tips that a potential investor in real estate will ever get is to never overpay. Careful negotiation and good communication skills are essential in striking a successful deal, because it is when buying and not when selling that the real profit is made. The lower the price at which you can get your hands on the property, the higher are your chances of making big money when it is time to sell.

Begin with the end in mind. Although the
value of the property may almost certainly appreciate over a span of, say 15 years, the value of the same property may drop drastically in a shorter time period of, say 5 years. In this case, it would be prudent to consider making additions or renovations to the house to increase its value, which is why knowing exactly how you are going to treat the investment, is so integral to its success.

For more such tips related to real estate,
contact Dale Warfel, a consultant with Keller Williams Realty. Dale is an expert in real estate in the Silicon Valley, with over a decade of experience in this field. He is well versed in the nuances of realty, and can offer valuable assistance in dealing with real estate properties and homes for sale in Almaden valley, Campbell, Los Gatos, Coyote, Midtown, and Willow Glen, all of which are localities situated in the Santa Clara County. So call him at 408 624 6202 to make an appointment.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

WILLOW GLEN is the ideal neighborhood

Famous for its beautiful Lincoln Avenue, named after President Abraham Lincoln, Willow Glen is today one of the most enchanting localities in San Jose. Before 1936, Willow Glen was an independent town, but a walk down one of its infamous boulevards will prove to you that very little has changed since then. Even today, the roads and walkways are lined with the Spanish and Victorian houses built in the 1930s, which the area is so famous for. 1936 witnessed the annexation of Willow Glen to the larger city of San Jose.

Lack of a developed sewage system, had forced the residents to take such a vote. However, Willow Glen continues to remain
one of the most delightful neighborhoods in Santa Clara County. With its famous restaurants and delis, serving all kinds of cuisines, Willow Glen is every San Jose foodie’s destination. Besides eat-outs, Willow Glen also offers bookstores, pubs, and nightclubs, making it fun and frolic for the entire family. The Willow Glen Elementary School, one of the first schools in Willow Glen, was established in 1863.

Hospitals in Willow Glen are also large in number, adding to the list of the neighborhood’s facilities, and making it an ideal place to settle down. If you are interested in acquiring Willow Glen real estate properties,
contact Dale Warfel at 408 624 6202. A consultant for Keller Williams Realty, Dale’s decade of experience in real estate makes him the realtor to call when dealing with the Santa Clara County.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Real estate in San Jose

Real estate prices are skyrocketing like never before, and everyone wants a share in the spoils. The size of population and its disposable income, availability of mortgage credits and government policy all factor in while evaluating demand for residential properties. It’s easy to get lost in the world of numbers especially when one has limited knowledge of money matters. Realtors can easily take you for a ride, which is why it is all the more important to find a trustworthy agent, when making such a life-changing decision.

America is a beautiful country, with beautiful cities. Take for example the city of San Jose in California. With its delightful avenues, trails and boulevards, it is no wonder that this area is a hotspot for tourists and realtors alike. It is the third largest city in California, situated in the heart of the Santa Clara County, more popularly known as the “Silicon Valley”. If you are interested in buying
real estate in San Jose, then Dale Warfel is the one to call.

With over 10 years of experience he has gained working as
a consultant for Keller Williams Realty, Dale Warfel’s immense area knowledge and technical experience, coupled with his negotiation skills make him the right man to talk to, whether you are buying, selling, or renting property. So call him at 408 624 6202 to make an appointment.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Important points to be aware of while selling

Looking forward to selling your home? What are the important factors to be considered while selling it? Your home has to be clutter free, well maintained, and very appealing to the buyer and of course the pricing of the house is a huge factor. The look of the house from the outside and on the inside has to perfect. De-personalizing is another important aspect. The house when being seen by the buyer for the first time should not give him the feeling that it was once lived in by you.

As far as
selling a house is considered, the first step is proper marketing of it. The ‘For Sale’ sign outside the house has a major impact and so do advertisements in newspapers. The timing to do this has to be thought upon, as in the real estate value at that point of time should be in favor of you and also the buyer to get sold for a good price. One factor which people do think of if it is their ancestral or a house where they have spent their childhood in, is that they expect the buyer to maintain it well even though they are no longer going to live in it. It is more of an emotional and sentimental aspect.

Keeping all these factors in mind only you would want to choose a real estate agent.
Dale Warfel, a Real Estate Consultant in San Jose and Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Buying, Selling, and Investing in Real Estate since 1997, would be your right choice. He is the best for Home sale in Almaden Valley, Home sale in Campbell, Home sale in Coyote, Home sale in Los Gatos, Home sale in Monte Sereno, Home sale in Morgan Hill, Home sale in Cambrian Park, Home sale in Silicon Valley, Home sale in Rose Garden and Home sale in Willow Glen.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Almaden Valley is a great place to settle in

Almaden Valley is strategically located in the foothills in the southernmost valley of the San Jose metro area. This is a picturesque place consisting of a lot of greenery, recreation parks, plenty of open space and yet with a rural ambience. Almaden Valley has some reputed schools and all other facilities a family may wish to command. Almaden is widely perceived as one of the most gorgeous landscapes in America and an ideal residential place. People flock to Almaden Quicksilver County Park, a unique park of the Santa Clara County Park system that boasts of historical significance and rich scenic beauty. At the base of the ridge is Almaden Lake Park, which features a sand beach and swim area for fishing, boating, hiking, wind surfing, picnicking and other leisure activities.

The population of some 40,000 people residing here enjoys numerous golf tournaments at Almaden Country Club, a private golf club. The real estate market features a mix of contemporary homes and executive properties. The climate at Almaden Valley is about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the San Jose metro area. There is not much of vacant land in Almaden available as real estate activity in Almaden has been far too rapid. The lucky ones can still find a small farmhouse in Almaden nestled between two outsized homes or some tiny pieces of undeveloped lands in Almaden. For people seeking a relaxed lifestyle and beautiful homes, there are few homes that can excel homes in Almaden.

If you currently have a home for sale in Almaden Valley or buying a home in Almaden Valley contact Dale Warfel of Keller Williams Realty San Jose who is the best real estate agent in San Jose at Gateway 180 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119. Phone: 408.624.6202 or Fax: 408.583.3681 or Email: Having sold homes in practically every city in Santa Clara County, you can rest assured that their combination of area knowledge, technical background, and negotiation skills will benefit you.

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