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Thursday, February 22, 2007

“Open House” to showcase your home to prospective buyers

After you have put your home on the market you need to show prospective buyers what a great place it is. The best way to do this is to hold an "open house".

Your realtor can handle this for you. He/She will let you know what you can do to prepare your home for showing (get rid of the "dust bunnies") and will do all the footwork: put up signs, show up early on Sunday morning. You don't need to do another thing except go out for a nice leisurely breakfast. And please do!

It's much more comfortable for everyone concerned if you don't stick around while your home that is up for sale is being viewed. Your realtor is skilled and adept at pointing out your home's best points. If the seller is there during the open house sometimes they can hamper this process. You don't really want to hear any negative comments about your home. Remember that everyone has different tastes and you know yourself that you made some changes when you bought the property!

So let your realtor do what they're trained to do - put your property in the best possible light and make suggestions to the prospective buyer how a few small changes would make this property just right for them!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Economy and job scenario in Almaden valley

One of the most attractive residential areas of Silicon Valley, the South San Jose community of Almaden is distinguished by nice hillside views and "one of the most gorgeous landscapes in America," according to the Greenbelt Alliance website. Almaden Valley's key attraction is Almaden Quicksilver County Park, which contains remnants of a historic mercury mine that produced more than $75 million in mineral wealth from the Gold Rush era to the 1970s (the San Jose mine's name came from the Almaden Mine in Spain). The Almaden Quicksilver Park also boasts plenty of hiking and biking trails and a spectacular wildflower display during the springtime. Almaden Expressway helps make the cultural attractions and amenities of the downtown area easily accessible for Almaden residents.

As part of the Silicon Valley, the main industry in the neighborhood is now high technology research and development; IBM's Almaden Research Center is located there. The Almaden neighborhood is primarily upper class with homes owned by local professionals, scientists, athletes, and Silicon Valley executives.

Almaden Valley is a community of approximately 40 thousand people located in the southern part of San Jose. The area boasts excellent schools, parks, and hiking trails. Key attractions include Almaden Quicksilver County Park, New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum, and Almaden Lake Park. Fantastic views of Mt.Umunhum and the Sierra Azuls can be seen throughout the community.

Generally low inventories, steady demand from buyers, and accommodating mortgage packages are largely responsible for prices that appear to know no bounds. Almaden Valley leads toward a large regional park with lots of land and open space, creating a country feeling to which many residents and visitors are immediately attracted. You will find a diverse range of homes and real estate in Almaden , from older established properties, to brand new custom and luxury homes.

Almaden Valley is about 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the San Jose metro area. Though there's little that could be called raw or undeveloped here, the development has been rapid and recent enough that one can still find a small farmhouse nestled between two outsized homes on the same street. Almaden is an ideal location for nature lovers and those simply seeking a relaxed lifestyle and beautiful homes and real estate.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Living in Willow Glen

Willow Glen is a neighborhood in San Jose, California. It is located southwest of Downtown San Jose, south of the Midtown and Rose Garden neighborhoods, east of the West Valley neighborhoods, and north of the Cambrian Park neighborhood and the city of Campbell, California. Once an incorporated city in its own right, Willow Glen is today the only part of San Jose that feels like a small town with its own main street--Lincoln Avenue--surrounded by tree-lined neighborhoods of architecturally distinctive single family homes, many of them Spanish-style homes built in the 1920s and 1930s.

Willow Glen is a district roughly 3 miles southwest of downtown San Jose. The traditional boundaries of Willow Glen are the Guadalupe River, Los Gatos Creek, and Coe and Curtner Avenues, though many adjacent areas are usually included today. "Downtown Willow Glen" is on Lincoln Avenue, generally between Coe and Minnesota Avenues.

Gentrification transformed Willow Glen in the 1990s, though it remains a diverse community with Latino, Italian, Asian, Jewish and gay influences contributing to the rich tapestry of a quiet, enjoyable and very livable Silicon Valley community.

Willow Glen Real Estate offers some of the most charming neighborhoods, with older homes, many of which are on larger lots, and a small town feeling, particularly near Lincoln Avenue. If you’re looking to buy or sell properties in this community, feel free to get in touch with realtor Dale Warfel, who specializes in properties in Willow Glen community.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Landmarks and tourist spots in Willow Glen

Once an incorporated city in its own right, today Willow Glen is a uniquely charming neighborhood of San Jose. Like a small town, with its own main street, Lincoln Avenue, Willow Glen is lush with tree-lined streets, punctuated with architecturally distinctive single family homes, many of them Victorian and Spanish-style built in the 1920s and 1930s.

The Lincoln Avenue downtown business district, located between Coe and Minnesota, is lined with sidewalk cafes, Italian delis, home design stores and clothing boutiques. Although Starbucks, Peets, Noah's Bagels and others have established outposts to mine Willow Glen's lucrative demographics, most Lincoln Avenue stores continue to be locally owned and operated retail businesses. In fact, Willow Glen features two of the Silicon Valley area's only remaining independent bookstores.

Gentrification transformed Willow Glen in the 1990s. And even today, it's a diverse community with a rich tapestry of quiet, enjoyable and very livable Silicon Valley attributes.

With wonderful restaurants and delis, Willow Glen has become a staple for local San Jose residents. Enjoy a weekend breakfast at John's XLNT Foods or grab a great Italian lunch at La Villa deli. For those who prefer fine dining in Willow Glen, Vin Santo is warm and welcoming. Stop by WineStyles of Willow Glen, select a great wine for under $25, and receive free corkage at participating Willow Glen restaurants.

Real Estate Finder: Interested in a home in Willow Glen? Located three miles southwest of downtown San Jose, Willow Glen is bordered by the Guadalupe River, the Los Gatos Creek and Coe and Curtner Avenues, the Willow Glen community is an ideal setting for new families where virtually every home is unique and beautiful, with small town curb appeal.

Willow Glen Bars and Clubs are fun any day of the week. Stop by Aqui's for a signature margarita, or enjoy yourself at Goosetown, singing karaoke with friends. Try wine tasting in Willow Glen. With entertainment and events like Dancing on the Avenue, Willow Glen is fun for the whole family.