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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Your dream home

All of us dream of buying a home little realizing the tremendous effort required to translate this dream into a reality. Strengthen your credit worthiness by paying off all dues. Your credit rating is determined by three different factors – how you use the credit facility, whether your outstanding credit is proportionate to your income and your promptness in settling the bills. Use a mortgage calculator to find out how much money you can initially afford, and how much you may be be able to borrow. Most home loan agencies will agree to offer up to 28 percent of your gross income or 36 percent of your net income toward a home loan. Most mortgage providers will come forward only if the buyer is making a down payment of at least 10 to 20 percent of the home price.

Contact a reliable and
resourceful real estate agent to help you in your search and negotiation processes after verifying his credentials, experience and rates. Inform the real estate agent about your locality preference and the need for proximity to shopping, school, hospital etc. Inspect a few homes for sale open-mindedly to get the feel of the market. Visit homes you are seriously interested in, a few times to check traffic congestion, available parking, noise levels and external ambience. For many of us home-buying is a life-time investment and therefore one should not rush into buying home rashly.

If you currently have plans for buying a Almaden Valley home, Campbell home, Los Gatos home, Morgan Hill home, Silicon Valley home or Willow Glen home, contact
Dale Warfel of Keller Williams Realty San Jose – Gateway 180 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119. Phone: 408.624.6202 or Fax: 408.583.3681 or Email: They have the expertise to help you make an informed real estate decision in today’s market.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Getting ready to make a sale

Sale of home sometimes can prove a daunting task unless you are familiar with the things that need to be done before letting people know your home is for sale. There is no magic formula to sell a home and you need to do careful planning and meticulously spruce up your home. First, mentally prepare yourself that this is no longer your home but a product for sale in the market. Remove all personal photographs from the walls and all personal collections from the showcases. Prospective buyers are not interested to see your possessions but imagine their own photos on the walls and their own belongings all over the house.

People have a habit of collecting huge piles of junk which is an eyesore to any visitor. Get rid of all the junk or donate them if they are still useful. Make sure the kitchen and toilets are particularly neat and .clean. All
prospective buyers have a tendency to open and view kitchen and bathrooms. If a buyer finds everything organized, he will believe you would have taken good care of the house for sale all along. Carry out all minor repairs lest these things distract a buyer into changing his decision. Remove all unwanted furniture that blocks free passage when the buyer comes to inspect the house. Mow the lawn and keep the sidewalks clean as the first impression a buyer gains is the best impression.

If you currently have a Santa Clara County home for sale or Almaden Valley home, Campbell home, Los Gatos home, Morgan Hill home, Silicon Valley home or Willow Glen home for sale and are thinking of placing it on the market, contact
Dale Warfel of Keller Williams Realty San Jose – Gateway 180 Great Oaks Blvd, San Jose, CA 95119. Phone: 408.624.6202 or Fax: 408.583.3681 or Email: They have the expertise for making an informed real estate decision in today’s market.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Buying a house as investment

When you buy a house as an investment you need to think of improvements and resale. But the actual purchasing, paperwork involved, negotiations and closing of the sale is exactly the same as if you had purchased a house for your own use. Investing in real estate usually means buying a house rather than land or property. Buying an inexpensive house and fixing it up and renting it out is usually less risky than any other type of real estate investment.

One of the best investments that you can make for financial security is to buy property. However, buying property is not a casual or quick decision, or rather, it shouldn’t be. There are many technicalities to finding the perfect property for you, and it is advantageous to hire a realtor to help you out with the research into the best area, the buying of the best house, and then all the paperwork and rules you have to follow when buying property. If you live in or around the Silicon Valley and are wondering whether to take the big step and make your first investment on a house you should contact
Realtor Dale Warfel and discuss your options.

With years of experience in this field, Dale Warfel is known for taking care of Almaden Valley real estate properties and dealing with homes for sale in Almaden Valley, homes for sale in Los Gatos, homes for sale in Morgan Hill, homes for sale in Monte Sereno, homes for sale in Campbell and homes for sale in Coyote.
Willow Glen homes for sale and other Willow Glen real estate properties are also dealt with by Dale.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

An award for Dale Warfel

San Jose, CA, May 13, 2008 - Dale Warfel, a member of Santa Clara county association or realtors®, was recently awarded the Certified Short-Sale Professional (CSP) designation. Warfel joins a select and growing group of real estate agents who have recognized the importance of providing this value-added service to their clients. In today’s increasingly competitive real estate market, these trained agents set themselves apart by helping homeowners navigate through the process of short selling their home before it goes into foreclosure.

Warfel earned the CSP designation by completing the prescribed online coursework and completing an end-of-course competency-based test. The Certified Short-Sale Professional course is designed to provide agents with the tools and knowledge they need to effectively guide their client through the short-sale process. Unlike normal real estate transactions a short-sale requires particular care and additional work to be completed smoothly and, if done improperly, may cause the homeowner to go into foreclosure.

Armed with the CSP designation and an increased awareness of the principles of short sales,
real estate professionals such as Dale Warfel are immediately able to better serve their current and prospective home sellers that may need to short sale their home. This knowledge sets the individuals who have attained the CSP apart from their peers, because it gives them the tools to assess a homeowner’s situation and properly guide them and the buyer of the property through all the necessary approval processes required to short sale a home. A CSP will be able to help the owner prepare the required documentation, navigate through the mortgage framework and keep the homeowner’s property from being foreclosed upon.
For general information visit For a free preliminary assessment of your short-sale needs, contact Dale Warfel, your local Certified Short-Sale Professional at (408) 624-6202.
Dale has been employed as a full-time Realtor® at Keller Williams Realty in San Jose since 2004. Keller Williams Realty is currently the 4th largest real estate company in the US and Canada. Dale’s consultative approach with his clients gives them confidence that their interests are always his highest priority. Dale can be reached at (408) 624-6202, via e-mail at, or online at

About RealtyU Group, Inc.
RealtyU Group, Inc. is the largest career development company in the country with both online and offline learning platforms. This real estate course focuses on enhancing professional skills needed by
real estate brokers and agents to provide true “value added” service to today’s home seller. The Certified Short-Sale Professional course is one of many professional designations that are part of the RealtyU® Family ( of career development companies and services.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Invest in real estate around San Jose

Real estate has been on a slump recently and people have been apprehensive about investing in real estate. A National Association of Realtors study shows that sales remained soft in March but it predicts that it will improve over the summer. So this may be the best time to buy real estate as an investment if prices are going to rise. The availability of mortgages seems to be a cause for concern in most areas, but if you are planning to invest on real estate around San Jose you should contact Dale Warfel of Keller Williams Realty who would be able to guide you best.

Dale Warfel a realtor in San José is an experienced and successful real estate agent in California who specializes in properties in the Santa Clara County of California. He can help you with homes for sale in Almaden Valley or homes for sale in Willow Glen or homes for sale in Rose garden, Morgan Hill homes for sale, Monte Sereno homes for sale, Coyote homes for sale and so on. In short, he can effectively help you with homes for sale anywhere in Santa Clara.

The FHA and new jumbo loans are in the process of being promoted but it will be a bit before either are available widely. People who were
hoping to make sale and get a comeback on their investment and have been hit by the slump in real estate can take heart as the prediction is that existing-home sales are projected to rise from an annual pace of 4.95 million in the first quarter to 5.82 million in the fourth quarter. Existing-home sales are likely to total 5.39 million, and then rise 6.1 percent to 5.72 million next year.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Easy way to pay your mortgage

Many people hesitate when it comes to investing in real estate. The main reason is the loans they have to avail of, the mortgages that have to be paid and all the paper work and headache that comes with it. There is also the fear of whether they will be able to meet the repayment deadlines and if they can afford the mortgage etc. Dale Warfel of Keller Williams Realty will be able to take you through the process smoothly. Dale who is a realtor in San Jose will be able to show you how easily you can make your repayment.

One way people who do take the big step of
investing in property take is to rent out their property till the loan is repaid. Sometimes when the market is good not only are you able today the loan back easily but you have some leftover to use. Renting is generally defined as an agreement made between the owner of a property and another person who wishes to temporarily make use of, or live in the property of the owner. The person who owns the property is generally termed as the ‘land lord’ and the person who lives in the property temporarily is known as the ‘renter’ or the ‘lessee’. The land lord and the renter sign an agreement after a set of terms and conditions, according to which the renter pays a decided amount to the landlord every month, for living in the property belonging to the owner.

For all kinds of help related to real estates,
contact Dale Warfel, a real estate agent from California, who specializes with homes for sale in Campbell, homes for sale in Coyote, homes for sale in Almaden Valley, homes for sale in Los Gatos, homes for sale in Morgan hill, homes for sale in Monte Sereno, Rose Garden homes for sale, Midtown homes for sale etc.

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Almaden Valley

Almaden Valley is a community of approximately 40 thousand people located in the southern part of San Jose. The area boasts excellent school, parks, and hiking trails. Key attractions include Almaden Quicksilver County Park, New Almaden Quicksilver Mining Museum, and Almaden Lake Park. Fantastic views of Mt.Umunhum and the Sierra Azuls can be seen from any part of Almaden Valley.

You will find charming Creekside neighbourhood houses in Almaden valley, set amidst the scenic shadows of mountains.
Dale Warfel leaves no stone unturned to make everyone feel at home as he provides homes for everyone depending on their needs. Leveraging on his extensive experience in realty and his relentless commitment to client satisfaction, he is devoted to offering clients captivating, tailor-made personalised homes for sale in Almaden valley. His mission is to offer each client innovative, customized homes at the most affordable rates.

Homes in Almaden Valley will bear everyone’s mark of individuality. Homes that will be your pride and joy, will also be your prized status symbol. He will find you homes that will be to your taste.
Dale Warfel the best realtor in San Jose believes in delivering the highest level of personalised service and care to each of his esteemed clients. He is open to ideas and suggestions and his relentless dedication to accommodate personal requirements into every home is his most distinctive advantage. A long list of outstanding features included in every home is another exclusive in Dale’s repertoire. Hence Dale is the right person to approach for any Almaden Valley real estate enquiries. He will also be able to show you great properties for sale in Milpitas, properties for sale in Willow Glen, Blossom Valley Real Estate, contemporary style homes, properties for sale in Los Gatos and properties for sale in San Jose.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Willow glen’s neighborhood

Willow glen is located in the central part of San Jose California, Santa Clara County. Real estate properties in Willow glen’s neighbourhood feature many architecturally older homes, single family homes and Spanish style homes. Its tree lined main street, Lincoln Avenue is populated with café coffee shops and boutiques.

Willow glen also has an active night life. The bars and clubs are fun any day of the week. You can enjoy a signature margarita or just enjoy yourself singing karaoke with friends. Maybe you can try wine tasting.
Willow glen is fun for the whole family with entertainments and events like Dancing on the Avenue, an annual event which attracts many musicians and tourists.. You might want a home which is conveniently located near the shopping area which includes movie theatres, Safeway, 24 hour fitness, all within walking distance.

You might want to look at the great schools in Willow Glen if you have kids who attend school.
Dale Warfel can assist you in finding homes in good school districts that will make raising a family a lot easier. There are plenty of Public and private schools in Willow Glen. Medical facilities are an important factor that influences property purchasing decisions. Realtor Dale Warfel is well informed about hospitals in Willow Glen. If you are looking for homes in willow glen, real estate properties in Willow Glen, the best realtor in San Jose, Dale Warfel will provide the place for all your needs and also a home in a move-in condition. There are some great homes for sale in Almaden Valley, Unique residences for sale in Willowglen and gorgeous houses for sale in Santa Clara.

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